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All About Green! | March Kitchen Garden Guide

Saying hello to March in Phoenix, AZ means saying goodbye to chilly weather. It's time to welcome in the sunshine with a beautiful vegetable garden and our March Kitchen Garden Guide can help!

Whether you're an experienced green thumb or new, it can be tricky figuring out just how much water all those veggies need. But don't worry - Phoenix Kitchen Gardens has your back! With our March Kitchen Garden Guide, there's no reason why spring won't bring plenty of delicious homegrown goodies for everyone. So get ready, pull on those boots, and grab that's time for some gardening fun!


Say goodbye to hand-watering and hello to a more efficient way of caring for your garden! Drip irrigation can keep your plants healthy while conserving water. With automated control, you simply set it up once, turn on the timer, and let technology take care of the rest. Not sure where to start? There are many easy options available that will give you amazing kitchen garden results.


Ready for a super easy DIY solution? Look no further than 'Garden in Minutes'. Their growing grid comes with various sized connectors for your water supply. Just add a hose bib splitter, timer, pressure valve control, and length of 5/8 tubing. Check them out at

And you can find a little more info about this DIY on the 'Homestead and Chill' YouTube channel.

Don't forget that early morning watering can conserve more H2O year round- the cooler temperatures help moisture soak into soil instead of evaporating.

With a few simple tips and planning, you can ensure that your Phoenix kitchen garden thrives season after season. Happy Gardening, neighbors!

Ready to start your 2023 Phoenix Kitchen Gardens journey? I would love to help!

To book a consultation, click the link on the PKG homepage or call 602-722-7971.

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