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Get the Dirt on Garden Soil!

Let's talk about soil - one of the keys to a successful Phoenix Kitchen Garden.

garden soil recipe
healthy, nutrient rich soil

Here's the dirt on garden soil. Healthy soil is very different from the dirt you'll find in most yards. The right soil recipe provides essential nutrients and proper watering guidance to your plants.

In short, better soil equals better results!

Investing in good soil when you start your raised garden bed will not only pay off for your first year of crops, but will later make amending and development of your soil that much easier. Local nurseries can help to point you in the right direction with soil needs for your garden. A couple of my favorites are Dig It Gardens and Berridge Nursery.

Compact or hard soil, water-logged soil, or soil where water pools on top will not allow plants to grow properly.

Create a great soil mix

I always recommend starting with E.B. Stone's organic soil, Arizona Worm Farm's raised bed mix, or creating your own using 2 parts pit moss or coco coir, 1 part vermiculite, and 3 parts compost. Finish off your bed with 3 inches of organic mulch after seedlings emerge or after transplanting.

Test your soil

Every couple of seasons, I recommend contacting the Maricopa County Extension for a soil test. Testing can help determine your soil's PH balance and any deficiencies so that you can amend accordingly.


PKG Bonus Tip

When our Phoenix temps start to get a little - or A LOT - toasty, add a little bark or wood mulch! This will help to retain moisture, keeping your plants cool and hydrated.​​​​​​

The bottom line is, not all soil is created equal and the dirt in your yard won't do your garden any favors! Organic soil is a favorite of mine, and I've found it helps to produce delicious vegetables in my Phoenix kitchen garden. If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask questions of your local garden salesperson. And if you need a little more help, reach out to me for a kitchen garden consultation!

To book a consultation, click the link on the PKG homepage or call 602-762-3266. For more low desert garden tips, don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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