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January Gardening in Phoenix

It is officially cool garden season in the low desert!

Now that the weather is consistently 35° - 65°, it's cool garden season in the low desert! Starting January 1st we have approximately 45 to 60 days before the last likely frost. Because of this I always keep my frost covers on hand and check the Farmers Almanac for average frost dates in addition to other weather reports for day to day updates in my zip code. Remember: the weather in each city fluctuates depending where you live, so this extra step is important. Our current low and high temperatures also mean it's finally time to put cool season plants in the ground!

PKG Tip:

When you're working on your garden plan, make sure to check out the mature size of your chosen plants. Small to medium cool season plants can usually still be added to the gardens in January. You should avoid large plants as they take longer to mature and will run head first into our Arizona heat.

If you want to start from seed, here are some great small plant options







leaf lettuce





Skip the seeds and get instant gratification transplanting these plants!

Transplants may need more time to mature, but they are still an amazing addition for our cool garden season in the low desert.

Head lettuce

Swiss Chard







Onions - ready to be started from sets

PKG Tip:

*If you have a large space - at least a full square foot - these eggplant beauties can grow up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall when mature!

Don't forget about pollinators!

It's time to talk about our cool weather pollinators! These helpful companion plants will protect their neighbors and also attract beneficial bees and butterflies. And you can grow them from seed or transplants. My favorite cool weather pollinators are:

marigolds garden pollinators phoenix
Marigolds are great garden pollinators!




Ready to get started? I would love to help!

To book a consultation, click the link on the PKG homepage or call 602-722-7971.

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